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Stop wondering how your dental practice could do a better job of attracting patients online. Join dental SEO expert, Ross Dunn, and various guests, for a regular exploration of the dental marketing services that successfully attract new patients.

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Learn to navigate the various online marketing options and not only choose the right ones for your practice but how to gauge their success so you don’t get cheated. Unlike other dental practices, stay abreast of what is happening now so you are proactive and not reactive to changes in the dental marketing landscape.


Dental Website Design Considerations, Pt. 1

Your website is your practice’s identity online and it’s something you don’t want to take for granted. Website design goes far beyond just putting up a business description, contact information and some aesthetic elements. It involves strategic planning and...

Local SEO 101 : How To Establish A Strong Local Online Presence For Your Dental Practice, Pt.1

Local SEO is a major consideration when it comes to dentistry, largely because of the nature of the practice itself. When people see the need to search for dentists on their mobile devices, Google tends to assume that they’re looking for local hits, which they usually...

Local SEO 101: How To Establish A Strong Local Online Presence For Your Dental Practice, Pt.2

Once you’ve ensured that your practice is searchable, the next thing you need to be thinking about is how to land near the top of the search results. In the previous episode, the local SEO experts at have covered the first four steps in building a...

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