Design Process

Design Process

How does the website development process work?

Initial Contact


Once you have made the decision to have design and develop your website, you will be contacted by a project manager. The project manager will work with you and the teams at to make sure your website design project runs smoothly, on time and you have an end result you love. He or she will send you a welcome email, as well as an invitation to join Dropbox, which is where you will be putting all of your pictures and documents. You will be provided with all of your Project Manager’s contact information and can call or email.


Providing Content – First Step


This phase is about getting all of the pertinent information for your particular practice and helping to customize your website to what you want and like. There are two questionnaires in your Dropbox folders that will help guide you and the project. It’s recommended that these are done first.

Next, you will be asked to provide Biographies, Welcome, Financial and Contact Us information (there are templates that you can use, or you can create your own unique content) and Pictures. Pictures can sometimes be the most time consuming piece. Whether you do them yourself, or have a professional photographer come in, we recommend picking a date and a time that photos will be taken and giving your staff some notice! There is the opportunity to provide Dentist and Staff photos, and Office Gallery, Before and After pictures and any other photos you would like included on your site. We also recommend a picture of the outside of your office, to place on the Contact Us page.

(Please note that we will provide general content for common dental topics such as cleanings, . . . .)

Second Step – Design Phase


When all of your content is in dropbox, the design team will take over. At this point, they will create a “snapshot” of the Home or Welcome page, based on your inputs. This generally takes approximately 5 days.

You will then be sent the design for review. The look and feel of the home page will be carried through on all the pages of your website. You will review for layout of the page, color, font and the general “feel” of the page. If changes are requested, those will be made quickly and the design will be sent back to you for final approval.


Third Step – Website Development


Your new web address (or URL) will be set up with the website hosting company for development. Our development team then takes over and will create the fully functional website. This generally takes approximately 2 weeks.

You will then be sent a temporary URL to view the full web site. At this point, you will be asked to review the full site, not only for layout but also all content. Any changes or issues should be sent back in a full list. The development team will then make any changes or tweaks required. You will then have another chance to review the site, make sure everything is the way that you want it and give final approval.

Fourth and Final Step – Go Live


Once you have approved all aspects of your website, the team will finalize the site and take it live on the internet; ready for you, your clients and potential clients to find you on the World Wide Web!

The entire process takes less than 4 months! While there is some time and effort required on your part, the beginning of the project is the most time consuming and then it’s just waiting and reviewing / approving. We make every effort to make the whole process as quick, easy and painless as possible for you and your staff. And your Project Manager will be there to hold your hand all along the way!


Happy Dentists

Dr. John Sparaga, Orthodontist

Dr. John Sparaga, Orthodontist

Clear Smiles, AK

"First Dentist did a wonderful job creating a cohesive, easily navigable, well-designed site from scratch that is now listed at the top of Google searches.”

Dr. Larry Frankel, DMD, MS

Dr. Larry Frankel, DMD, MS

Cleveland, OH

“First Dentist goes the extra mile to satisfy their customers and puts their all into the project.”

Dr. Ed Kwan, DDS, MSD, PS

Dr. Ed Kwan, DDS, MSD, PS

Seattle, WA

“First Dentist made the process simple, straightforward and a lot easier than I thought it would be.”

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